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"George was fantastically adept at engineering but most importantly great to spend time with. Having a fun, hardworking personality in a studio is absolutely invaluable"

- Alex Loring, Big Spring.

"George helped push us every step of the way to something that we are all very proud of. We will definitely be heading back to G1 for our next release."

- Ben Gilbey, Fallen Apollo

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with George! I am very particular about how I want things and George exceeded my expectations every time. He was extremely patient and did everything in his power so that we would end up with a product we both were really happy with. George's genuine approach towards my music made the whole experience exciting and inspirational to say the least."

- Rick Lambert

Georges pro-active approach to maintaining constant and
transparent communication on the fly made our experience
with G1 Productions fluent and stress-free.
Zac, Sanzu.

We learnt a lot during our time at G1 and are very happy with the finished product!
George allowed our vision for the record to expand to recording on location,
with some vocals/guitars being recorded at an amazing warehouse nearby
George understands our genre inside & out and his input was invaluable."
Vera Grace

Any Questions?

More than happy to discuss the process of building a record / how to submit for mixing and more. Send me an email and we’ll schedule a time that works to go over every detail you have in mind. – George