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Engineering Big Spring


Gear Used

Kick – d112 + royer 121
Snare – 57 + C414
Toms – Josephson E22
HH – Beyer m160 or SM7b
Ride – Beyer m160
OH – Schueps SDC
Room – CAD LDC, in omni on the floor.
A mix of Neve / Api and SSL pre amps

Loads of different Pedals
Orange Bass Amp
Mesa Cab
Beyer M88 / U47
Neve Pre Amps

More pedals than you’d expect
Orange or Vox Head
Mesa 4×12 w/ v30’s
Beyer m201 / m160 + sm57
Neve Pre Amps

What Big Spring Say;

We enjoy Georgio Armani.