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Drums were tracked at the usual gaff that is The Ladder Factory in Shrivenham.

We used a Bell brass snare, along with a peace paragon set and Sabian AAX cymbals respectively.

The guitars were all tracked on my Wirebird Telecaster with Bare Knuckle Pickups (mules).

Bass used was the Fender Jazz Custom shop that resides here at G1 Productions. Using pro steel strings and run through the glorious Vintage microtubes pedal by Darkglass Electronics.


The mix went through a few rounds. Different perspectives and approaches tried but nothing really cut the mustard. In the end we opted to try and keep the record as alive sounding as possible. Closer to how we sound live along with lashings of tape saturation and distortion along the way. The result is a mix that moves and pumps with an energy of its own. Its not a crystal clear mix but the material wouldn’t suit that approach.


For this record I chose to bounce down grouped stems from the aux buses (drums / bass + guitar / vocals / fx).

These then got brought into a new project file with VCC on each channel grouped together.

I then automated the stems to move around one another. Not much, but enough for each section to have its own say on how the record sounds.

These then went to the master channel and through the following chain;

VTM 30ips FG9
VBC – SSL grey / 4 – 6db gr on snare hits
Waves C6 (to control the low end during faster passages)
Fabfilter Q2
Fabfilter Limiter

Gear Used

Kick In – e602
Kick Out – Sontronics Drum Mic
Snare Top + Bottom – SM57
Toms – AT23he
HH – SM7b
OH – se5600a
Room – Coles Ribbons

Liam – SM7b
Rob – Sontronics Helios

Fender Jazz Custom Shop
Darkglass Vintage Microtubes + Ampeg SVT

Wirebird Telecaster
Bare Knuckle Pickups (mules)
Marshall Plexi Profile Kemper


Before setting off on this journey if you had told me that I would have ended up taking this approach to the album, I’d have said you were wrong.

The resulting sound is something I am immensely proud of and something that I hope to be able to bring to future records after this.

I hope everyone that hears this record feels the love and heart ache that has been woven into the music.

I hope this record is what I’ve always wanted it to be.