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Short and sweet to keep the fans hungry for the new album.


Guitar used was my Wirebird Telecaster, loaded with a Holydiver BKP still. Running into an unboosted 5150 > Mesa 4×12 v30.
Bass was my Fender Custom Shop 64′ Jazz. If I remember correctly I think the majority of the bass tone was made up of using the CLA bass plugin. For the first time using this as the soul for the tone I was pretty impressed with how solid it sounded and how well it slotted into place around the drum kit.
To save time the drums were programmed and used a mix of the Superior Metal Machine and Metal Foundry kits, along with triggering additional samples using Slate Trigger 2.
Liam used the SM7b again tracked through the Joe Meek pre amp with the EQ on to cut some of the mid junk and push the finer end of the highs.


Mixing didnt seem to take very long at all. We aimed for a fairly upto date sound, focusing a lot on how clear we could get Liam to sound but without being too loud.
I recall getting a little carried away with the Guitar EQ and revisiting it right towards the end, only to find that If I turned everything off and started from scratch I’d have an easier time. Funny how that happens.

Really chuffed with how this turned out, although a little gutted that this track wont be making it onto the album that the guys are going to release come 2014. However we did end up writing an absolute belter to replace it. Swings and roundabouts huh?