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Any Questions?

Always happy to take the time to talk on the phone or answer your questions via email, If those options aren’t your jam then feel free to hit up the studio on the social links below! – George

+44 (0) 7525 425 621

George {at}


"George expertly crafted a beautifully balanced but yet, in places, totally destructive sound. I genuinely don’t think many other mix engineers could have done that. He’s my guy."

- Tom Ridley, Poisonous Birds.

"George's long-term and unwavering commitment to exploring 'our sound' has been invaluable in actualising our musical vision. I cannot recommend G1 highly enough."

- Jim Sanger, Proscenium.

"George was fantastically adept at engineering but most importantly great to spend time with. Having a fun, hardworking personality in a studio is absolutely invaluable"

- Alex Loring, Big Spring.