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Blackstar HT60 Profile Pack


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This is a one off profile taken from the Blackstar HT60!

Paired up with the Zilla Cab its an awesome sounding combination, one that left me smiling and riffing away for hours so I had to grab it.

Once downloaded, you’ll notice that I’ve changed the EQ parameters on the Kemper to tone down some of the top end and ‘air’ via the treble and presence controls. This is purely down to how bright my guitar was during tracking. If you have a darker sounding guitar you’ll probably find that you’d benefit from switching off the EQ section all together!

EQ pointers;

Very small cuts around 300 and 700 areas should take some of the bulk and nastal midrange. Along with the High Pass at around 70/80hz should leave you in the sweet spot.

Enjoy the classically british with a modern twist sound through your own Kemper Profiling amp!

Gear Used;

AMP: Blackstar HT60

CAB: Zilla 2×12 super fatboy

MIC: SM58 on axis

GUITAR: Gibson Les Paul 2007, loaded with Bareknuckle Pickups.