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Kemper Profile – Madison Divinity


GAIN RANGE : 6 – 7.5

AMP : Madison Divinity

CAB : Zilla 2×12 fatboy

MIC : SM58 Only


A pack of 5 profiles with a full on upper midrange and extended low end for strong palm muted riffs.




Madison Divinity

I may have accidentally blown this amp up when a friend brought it over to play with. Now that its fixed and lights up in the way that it should I put it through its paces. Its a very ‘stiff’ amp with not much squishy forgivingness to it (ala JVM style distortion) To my ears it’d sound spot on for a Hardcore / Melodic Hardcore record where theres a lot of strict riffing going on.

In this pack I’ve put 4 profiles in for funsies. Theres a PDF in the download that explains each profile in a bit more detail.

Zilla 2×12 Fatboy – V30 Only.

I only had enough time to throw up a single mic this time. Its nice to see that with how much I’ve learnt over the last few months that these profiles don’t in any way sound weak against the others I’ve profiled. Just different. These tones are far more upfront with a strong peak in the upper mids which should make placing into the mix straight forward.

How could you want anything else in a tone?


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