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Kemper Profile – Marshal JVM 410h


GAIN RANGE : 3 – 7

AMP : Marshal JVM 410

CAB : Zilla 2×12 fatboy

MIC : SM58, SM57 & SM7b


A pack of 6 profiles with a range of scope and aggression. Incredibly rich in harmonics and midrange saturation. Perfect for live and studio use.

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Marshall JVM 410H

This amp. This amp is so incredibly awesome. So many tones, styles and voicings. Of which none suck! I initially sought out tones that I’d like to use on future records and then a few others that I thought would be neat for when the right band comes along.

The Orange setting breaks like a JCM800. Red is more intense and squishy, perfect for high gain metal.

Zilla 2×12 Fatboy – V30 and Creamback.

Two cones for more tones. The v30 is a classic staple in the metal tone diet. The creamback is a cone I’ve only recently been introduced to but one that nails the spaces that the v30 misses out on. The combination of the two when in phase, is awesome. Full, fat and proud of it with no nasties.

How could you want anything else in a tone?

57 & 58 or 58 & 7B

In the pack theres a few different mic combinations. The change results in different amp and cab characteristics being highlighted. The 57/58 combination is very much an aggressive upfront sound, whereas the 58/7b combination is far more midrange friendly with a smoothed over top end which takes very well to boosting either in the Kemper or in your DAW.