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Drums were tracked at the usual gaff that is The Ladder Factory in Shrivenham.

Guitars, bass and screams ended up being tracked at G1 by myself with Sams singing being tracked at their home studio with help from Alex Wood.


The mix went through a few rounds, trying various approaches and perspectives. It turns out each time I went through the mix from scratch I was finding additional pockets of space and chance to bring forward more elements of the bands sound from what they had written and from how I had chosen to track it.

The resulting mix is something that I truly believe I couldn’t have come close to before this record. The learning process was strong with this one.


Moving out of my comfort zone again, I opted to try different compressors on the master bus to see how much distortion/saturation along with ‘pump’ I could get away with to bring more energy and excitement to the overall mix.

If I remember correctly I used a Focusrite Red Compressor for the majority of the compression along with finishing the tracks to tape and limiting using the fabfilter limiter plugin.

Gear Used

Screams – SM7b
Clean – Gemini II

Darkglass B7k + Ampeg

Kemper – G1 JVM patch 6

Profiles Used