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Kemper Profile – Driftwood Purple Nightmare – High Gain!



AMP :  Driftwood Purple Nightmare

CAB : Zilla 2×12 fatboy

MICS : SM57 / Shure 545D / AKG C414 BULS / Joesphson E22 / Senn MD421 / Audio Technica AT23he

BOOST : On Board Boost

A pack of 13 studio profiles and 2 direct profiles with a range of tonal choice and aggression. Incredibly rich in midrange saturation. Perfect for live and studio use.

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Driftwood Purple Nightmare

Driftwood have made something incredible. Its super cool, aggressive and very honest to play.

The response is fluid more than it is pin point tight, the built in boost is also flexible, allowing to focus the midrange. It really is a beauty.

Microphone Choices

Ive approached this tone set a little differently than some of the others.

Each mic has been placed to focus on what its own character highlights. As a result, some of the profiles have come out darker than others as they were placed further onto the cone. So far each profile has EQ in place to bring up the brightness but by all means, feel free to play with the top end to get the placement just right.

One More Thing..

Ive also included TWO direct profiles! One with the tubescreamer circuit engaged, one without.
Perfect for live use, or running into a cab sim at the studio!