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Kemper Profile – Diezel VH4



AMP :  Diezel VH4

CAB : Zilla 4×12 & Mesa 4×12

BOOST : unboosted and boosted direct profiles

A pack of 32 direct profiles and 6 cab impulses with a range of tonal choice and aggression. Perfect for live and studio use.

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Diezel VH4

The Diezel VH4 is a purebred gain beast. Channel 2 is more British sounding, 3 is possibly THE most fun channel ever invented and 4 is silky smooth for wicked leads.

Cab Choices

I’ve captured a few different cab impulses using the VH4 power amp, Initially, I took over 20 impulses and refined it down to the ones that were more appropriate for the pack.

I’ve provided some with a more forward midrange as well as a few with a scooped response for those of you that use extended scale guitars.

Perfect for live use, or running into a cab at the studio!

Happy tone hunting.